KN95 Face Masks | | 5-ply | 95% protection

Let's face it; It's a new world since COVID entered our lives, and in this new world it has forced many of us to think differently. We approach the way we do things differently, we question things more before we do it; and we're much more careful  than we ever were before. We've developed new habits; Like a baby learning what they know (being molded) from their parents, and how we learn and become experts at our jobs through osmosis and repetitious behavior. Oh what an impact COVID has created in our lives, and at all ages.   

But there are simple methods available as suggested by the CDC, the W.H.O. and even Dr. Fauci himself, which is a true fact; Wearing face masks really contributes to minimizing the spread of COVID, dammit! And although any face mask is better than nothing; if you can get your hands on a KN95 mask, stock up on them. What many people may or may not know is that the KN95 standard is the Asian equivalent to the N95 used in healthcare. If you want a copy of this comparison chart, then visit and subscribe with your email at the bottom of the webpage and we will email it to you. Bottom line is they offer 95% protection from COVID as well as dust and pollen. https://Maskdawgpro offers high quality 5-ply, FDA approved KN95 masks at a competitive price.

The other method is getting serious about social distancing, I believe everyone knows the rules already on this method. But it's obvious based on the numbers increasing as well as what you see on social media and television, that many are still not following this method. As of 7/24/20, we have already reached over 4 million cases, and nearly 150k deaths. It's real; and new cases are increasing at alarming levels everyday, in our country: The United States of America.

The last method is stay at home if possible. It's understood that many people have to go to a work environment to provide for their families, and essential workers must be in dangerous environments to keep necessities flowing for everyone, but if you don't have to go out; please stay home!!!

Back to the masks; I know that many people complain how hard it is to breathe through a any type of mask; but let's get real, if you are not medically prohibited to wear a mask; please try your best to grin and bear it for the short time you're in an establishment that requires you to wear a mask; or don't go in at all. KN95 masks are are better than most in terms of easier breathing, but hand made masks or handkerchiefs or those new fashionable masks mostly with no filters don't do anything but match your outfit or ones style. If you can get your hands on a KN95 mask; I recommend you buy them.

So please wear a mask when out in public; please practice social distancing, and please stay home if at all possible. Of course washing your hands frequently with soap, sanitizing liquid and disinfectant sprays are always good to stay on top of as well, both at home and out in public settings. -MDP,Ray...