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COVID-19 Stats

MaskDawgPro KN95 Masks are FDA & CE approved and use high quality filtration fabrics.

Are you prepared?

The news changes almost daily, so we're always having to watch the news on TV or online through social media, but as of today; July 3rd, 2020, many states have announced the requirement to wear Face Masks in Public to reduce and mitigate the number of new cases of COVID-19. But unfortunately, many people are still not wearing masks, which is an important way to slow it down from spreading. You should be able to google which states are now requiring face masks be worn in public. But it's only a matter of time before all states will require a mask being worn in public. So please consider  purchasing enough to cover all members of your family before a 2nd wave hits, which we all hope doesn't happen.  

Which face mask offers the best protection?

Bottom Line: Any face mask is better than no face mask; but a filtered face mask (such as a a Non-Medical KN95 mask) offers much better protection (95% or better) than most of the cloth masks seen in public today. The CDC recommends wearing face coverings in public, especially in places where it’s hard to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and another person. Face masks are being recommended because we know individuals with COVID-19 could have mild or no symptoms, while still spreading the virus to others. Wearing a mask does not replace the need for physical distancing, so it's always best to exercise all precautions, including turning and walking away from someone who just coughed or sneezed in your direction.  

Most effective 5-layers of protection

Many Non-Medical KN95 face masks may say they have 5 layers of filters, but do they have the right combination of filters within the stack? The most efficient 5-ply KN95's should have the Non-Woven PolyPropolene Inner and Outer filters as the  first line of defense from Initial contact with Liquid Air Droplets, Dust, Pollen and Haze. Then there's the Hot Air Cotton Filter that allows for better breathing and minimizing moisture that causes eye wear to fog up. Then the most critical layers are the Melt Blown Layer that protects from droplets as small as 0.03 microns in diameter. The Melt-Blown filter layer is the most cost expensive filter due to its purpose, which most multi-ply masks only have one layer of. But MaskDawgPro KN95 masks have 2 Melt-Blown filters. It's important to note that when you see 5-ply on many KN95 mask descriptions, that it has at least 1 Melt-Blown layer. So whether you buy ours or another; make sure a Melt-Blown filter layer is included. Many masks may state 5-ply, but  may not even have 1 melt-blown filter layer.  

Why are KN95 masks all over the place in price?

In the past 5-6 months, we've seen many different types of masks show up in public. Some that are fashionable and expensive, some that are hand made, and then there are the KN95/N95's that are designed specifically for 95% protection from Viruses. This is where you need to do your homework, and although it's true that wearing any face covering is better than nothing, the right KN95 mask does give better protection against all viruses (95% protection). So you need to make sure that the KN95 mask you're buying includes a layer called a "Melt-Blown" filter. This is what separates the $1-$2 KN95 masks from the $3-4 KN95 masks. The Melt-Blown filter is in shortage and is very expensive. So be diligent in finding the right KN95 mask.  

Our masks are FDA approved, samples have been tested by global testing agencies, with passed test reports to verify the filtration resulting in 95% protection from liquid and dust particles. Also in our 5-ply stack of filters, we include 2 layers of "High Efficiency - Melt Blown" filters totaling 50 grams versus only 1 layer in most 4-ply/5-ply KN95 masks. FYI - FDA is an approval for USA market, CE is for Europe standards, etc.,  but our masks have both approvals due to global sales. So why is this better? Simple; because some Manufacturer's (including ours), spent the money to make sure the customer gets the best protection and quality possible.  MaskDawgPro KN95 masks are 5-ply with 2 layers of Melt-Blown fabric with a total weight of 50 grams, are FDA and CE approved, and have been tested to verify better than 95% protection.   

I think we all know by now that better than 80% of the global face mask production is in China. Even the big name brands in the USA have their masks produced in China in addition to their USA facilities. So there's a good chance that we've already worn a mask in the last 5 months made in China. KN95 masks are China's equivalent to the N95 standard in masks commonly used in healthcare. Bottom line, there are some good masks, and some that are not so good. So again, do your diligence.

This is how the coronavirus will most likely enter your body. And why face masks are so vital.

One of the most common complaints against wearing face masks or coverings is that it makes it hard to breathe. Well, a new study shows that’s just the point. 

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, most commonly enters the body through the nose, according to a study by researchers at the University of North Carolina, infecting the nasal cavity to a greater extent than anywhere else in the respiratory tract. The disease, which often presents as a respiratory infection, attacks the lungs, manifesting in symptoms such as difficulty breathing. 

“If the nasal cavity is the initial site mediating seeding of the lung via aspiration, these studies argue for the widespread use of masks to prevent aerosol, large droplet, and/or mechanical exposure to the nasal passages,” the study said. 

Coronavirus is an airborne disease, and researchers have determined that it is spread primarily through close contact. With the nose being so susceptible to inhaling contagious droplets and becoming infected, masks covering the nose are essential. 

Public health experts have also emphasized the importance of a proper fit on a mask, especially around the top and bottom, ensuring that there is no gap left for droplets to come through. So, comfortable or not, wear your face mask and make sure it fits snugly. 

Source: "The Hill" online. Story  By: Anagha Srikanth | July 7, 2020